Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States, and hopefully you’ll be spending tomorrow with your family and friends, or perhaps giving time to causes that matter to you.

A lot of estate planning attorneys write Thanksgiving articles suggesting that this is the perfect time to sit down with loved ones and “talk turkey” (ugh) about estate planning. I’m not really convinced that’s such a great idea. Those conversations are important, but enjoying the holiday is first and foremost.

Why not? It strikes me as a terrible idea to put your family members on the spot in a crowded room:

“Grandma, could you pass the potatoes? Also, have you executed a will?”

Don’t do that. Unless you enjoy fielding questions about your personal life in front of the family (and you don’t), don’t do it to anyone else. Want to talk about it? Do it privately.

I do have a recommendation, though. Take a look around the table this Thanksgiving, and really think about all of those people around you. They’re why we do estate planning–protecting the people that matter to you.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and I’ll be back with more technical stuff next time.

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