Do You Really Need A Lawyer for Estate Planning?

We live in a time when doing it yourself is extremely popular. Entire television channels have cropped up around it. My wife comes up with all sorts of ideas from something called Pinterest. I have personally gone to YouTube for tutorials on clothes dryer and car repairs (I even sort of did them right!). And … Read more

Always Have a Backup: Planning for Contingencies In Your Estate Plan

If you have a backup of your hard drive or a portable generator for emergencies, you know the value of a backup. Most of the time, Plan A works just fine. However, sometimes Plan A fails, and when that happens, a backup is important. In your estate plan, this same thing is true. I recommend … Read more

How to Be a Good Agent Under a Power of Attorney

We’ve discussed the planning side of a power of attorney before, but what if someone (we’ll call this someone the “principal”) appoints you to serve as their attorney-in-fact in a power of attorney? First of all, congratulations! I’m not kidding! Someone has enough trust in you to appoint you to handle their affairs. I think … Read more