IRA Charitable Rollovers Become Permanent

On December 18, President Obama signed the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH, because of course every law has to have a cute acronym) Act, which made a variety of tax law changes. Among┬áthose changes: making IRA charitable rollovers (also known as “qualified charitable distributions,” which is the more accurate name, so we’re going to … Read more

Should You Avoid Leaving Your IRA to Beneficiaries Who Are Considering Bankruptcy?

The short answer: possibly, depending on where your beneficiaries are located. Over the summer, the U.S. Supreme Court took on the question of whether or not an inherited IRA is exempt from a debtor’s bankruptcy estate in Clark v. Rameker. The Supreme Court held–unanimously–that an inherited IRA is not exempt from a debtor’s bankruptcy estate, … Read more